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Der Meister

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Research Work
Currently my main research interest is the
  • Quest for The Truth
Other projects in which I have been involved include
  • divine inspiration of the author Edward Groll

  • bananas
  • large bananas
  • tombstones


My name ist Gröller. Meister Gröller. Here is a short video documenting some of my weekend activities. Trichterpark, a legendary short film. I was also featured in the news recently.

Update December 2017:

Here are some photographs from my private collection (sorry about the quality, some of them are quite old).

Mysterious Master

I think all of us know there there is something supernatural about our beloved Master, but recent research discovered even more mystical ties between the Master and our institute than previously expected:

The master's birth date is the January 28th, 1962 - a date of significant historical importance:

  • In the year 1069, on January 28th, the Norman occupation of northern England suffered a severe setback when Earl Robert de Comines and his men were massacred in Durham.
  • Also on January 28th, in the year 1986, the space shuttle Challenger exploded just after takeoff - exactly 24 years after the Master's birth. The 2nd and 4th prime numbers are 3 and 7. All 7 astronauts onboard the Challenger were killed. We therefore multiply 3*7*7. As the illuminati are often linked with this incident, we add 3*7*23 to the result and get 630.

Concatenating these two numbers strongly linked to the master's birth date, we get 1069630 - remember this result.

The letters MEG correspond to the numbers 77, 69, and 71, respectively, in ASCII code. Now it turns out that the string 776971 exactly occurs as digits of the number PI at position 625888 counting from the first digit after the decimal point. We add 625888 to 776971 multiplied by (28 + 1 + 1962). If we divide the result by the 1069630th prime number (16640593) we get 93 ...

...which is exactly 186/2*!


*In case you don't know: the Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms of the Vienna University of Technology has the institute number 186. It consists of two departments, the second of which is the department of Computer Graphics, which thus has the number 186/2. Now you probably undertand the significance of the above result.

Old material
Some old but interesting material can be found here and important literature is listed on the following page.

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